Man Charged with Calling In Fake Bomb Threat at Roper Corporation

A 20 year old Tennessee man was placed under arrest and charged with Making Terroristic Threats, after admitting to police that he called in what turned out to be a fake bomb threat to Roper Corporation in Lafayette last month.

According to investigators, Dalton Alexander was one of three men that went to the Roper Wellness Center for a drug screening prior to employment last month. 

Alexander asked to use the restroom before taking the drug screening and was told that he couldn’t.  Reports indicate that Alexander became irate, and he and another man were told to leave the property by Roper security.

Alexander is accused of calling the plant a short time later and saying there was a bomb in a vehicle in the parking lot.  Law enforcement responded to that threat; however, a search of the area turned up nothing.

After being interviewed by LaFayette Police Officers, Alexander admitted to making the call – allegedly telling them he was just mad at Roper for treating him the way they did – and he wanted to play a joke on them.

(WQCH Lafayette/

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