Town Of Cedar Bluff Imposes A Curfew During The State Of Emergency


As of Saturday February 23, 2019 Cherokee County is in a state of emergency due to the flooding.   A shelter has been established for anyone that has been displaced by the rising waters. The shelter is located at the CHEROKEE COUNTY HEALTH AND REHAB ACTIVITY BUILDING on Dean Buttram Sr Drive in Centre. Hot meals, cots, and showers are available.  

The Cedar Bluff park bathrooms will be open 24 hours every day and the community center will be available from 8 am until 4 pm Monday through Friday. Also, we are working with Red Cross to get a shower trailer located near town hall. We will announce on when it becomes available.

As of Sunday February 24, 2019 a CURFEW IS IN EFFECT for the Town of Cedar Bluff from 9:00pm until 6:00am daily until the state of emergency has expired. Please try to complete routine errands before 9:00pm.  The curfew is to help deter looting and help prevent driving into unexpected hazards caused by the flooding. 

Expect any activity in or near campgrounds to be investigated. Nonresidents of the campgrounds are asked to stay out of the area. At this time, only those persons owning property in or near the campgrounds should be there.  All activity in the campgrounds after 9:00pm will be presumed to be suspicious.  

Section 31-9-10
(5) In the event the governing body of the political subdivision determines that any of the conditions described in Section 31-9-2(a) has occurred or is imminently likely to occur, the governing body shall have the power:

  1. To impose a public safety curfew for its inhabitants. If a public safety curfew is imposed as authorized herein, it shall be enforced by the appropriate law enforcement agency within the political subdivision. A public safety curfew imposed under this subsection shall not apply to employees of utilities, cable, and telecommunications companies and their contractors engaged in activities necessary to maintain or restore utility, cable, and telecommunications services or to official emergency management personnel engaged in emergency management activities.


Section 31-9-15
Orders, rules, and regulations of Governor – Enforcement – Arrests without warrant.

A peace officer, when in full and distinctive uniform or displaying a badge or other insignia of authority, may arrest without a warrant any person violating or attempting to violate in such officer’s presence any order, rule, or regulation made pursuant to this article. This authority shall be limited to those rules and regulations which affect the public generally.

Section 31-9-22

Any person violating any provision of this article or any rule, order, or regulation made pursuant to this article shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not more than $500, and may also be imprisoned in the county jail or sentenced to hard labor for the county for not more than six months.

Already, there have been numerous cases of looting throughout Cherokee County. We understand that people are wanting to recover their property the best they can and assess the damage caused by the flooding. We ask that you not be offended if a law enforcement officer questions you about your activities and asks for your identification.  This is a stressful and disheartening time for us all.  The officers and rescue workers are tasked with helping those in need and protecting the affected areas from the looting.

The Cedar Bluff Police Department asks for the people who are legitimately trying to recover their property to leave behind what does not belong to them so as not to cause doubt about intentions. Also, several roads are already closed and likely more will be closed by week’s end. Do not drive around any barriers that are blocking the road unless it is necessary to go to or from your residence.

Also, the public boat ramps on AL Hwy 9 and AL Hwy 68 are closed until further notice.

The town trash pickup will be on the regular route schedule this week with the exceptions of the closed roads.

The Town of Cedar Bluff would like to express the deepest appreciation of the rescue workers, first responders, law enforcement, utility workers and volunteers that have or will aid in the recovery from this emergency.  

Mayor Tammy Crane

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