U.S. Census Bureau Looking For Workers In Cherokee County

Cherokee County residents looking to make some extra cash are being given an opportunity for employment as Census takers with the U.S. Census Bureau.

During Monday’s meeting of the Cherokee County Commission, Robert Avery met with Commissioners and explained in depth about the importance of making sure the Census is taken as accurately as possible.  

Avery explained that the goal is to make sure in rural areas there is an accurate count of citizens in Cherokee County. Avery explained that the best way to make sure that local citizens complete their Census forms is to have local, familiar faces knocking on doors throughout the community.

There is also the added perk of a flexible schedule and a generous salary plus mileage.

To find out more or to apply, simply visit the website 2020census.gov/jobs or call 1-855-JOB-2020.

Also during the meeting the Commission approved Insurance coverage with the ACCA Liability Self Insurance Fund, INC in the following amounts; Liability – $119,284, Property – $31,685, Inland Marine – $27,092, Crime – $1,200 and Auto Physical Damage – $36,410.

The Commission appointed Raymond Matthews to the District 2 position on the Cherokee County Industrial Development Authority at the recommendation of Commissioner Roger Nichols and Jake Crump to the District 3 position on the same Board at the recommendation of Commissioner Marcie Foster.

A motion was also passed adopting the state mileage reimbursement rate paid to person(s) traveling in privately owned vehicle(s) while on official business for the county to 58 cents.

Chairman Tim Burgess also announced that two appointments (Place #6 and Place #7) to the Cherokee County Communications District Board will take place at the February, 11 meeting.

The next Cherokee County Commission meeting will be Monday, February 11th at 10:00 a.m. in the County Administrative Building.

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