Gwyneth Paltrow sued in “hit and run” ski accident

ABC(UTAH) — A Utah man has filed suit against Gwyneth Paltrow, claiming the Oscar-winner and Marvel movie star rammed into him from behind on a ski slope and then skied away, leaving him with serious injuries.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Terry Sanderson is suing the actress and the Deer Valley ski resort for $3.1 million, claiming the collision on Feb. 26, 2016 left him with, “a concussion, brain injury and four broken ribs.”

Sanderson’s suit claims, Paltrow was “out of control” on her skis when she hit him from behind, “knocking him down [and] landing on top of him.”

The alleged victim also complained that, “Paltrow got up, turned and skied away, leaving [him] stunned, lying in the snow.”

Sanderson’s suit also claims that Deer Valley ski instructor Eric Christiansen, who was with the actress but didn’t witness the mishap, blamed him for the collision.

The paper reports the suit also alleges that Christiansen filed a false report about the incident to clear Paltrow, his client, and didn’t send help to the injured skier, as was his obligation.  

Sanderson’s attorney, Robert B. Sykes, claims to have found a witness who can corroborate his client’s side of the story. 

A rep for the Goop lifestyle maven called the lawsuit “without merit,”

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