Google Announces Plans to Construct its Two Largest Solar Energy Farms – One Right Here in Northeast Alabama

To support its under-construction data centers – including those here in northeast Alabama – Google on Wednesday made the announcement that it will be constructing its two biggest solar energy farms.  The goal being that the electricity consumed by those data centers both in Alabama and Tennessee are matched with 100% renewable energy from day one.

The Alabama solar farm will be situated in Hollywood near Scottsboro while the Tennessee facility will be located near Memphis. 

Google is currently constructing data centers in Bridgeport, Alabama as well as Clarksville, Tennessee.

Each of the solar farms will generate about 150 megawatts.

Facebook announced several months ago they would be building a data center in Huntsville and with that a solar farm in Colbert County in northwest Alabama – which should generate an estimated 227 megawatts of electricity.

Google said it will purchase the output of several new solar farms as part of a deal with TVA totaling 413 megawatts of power from 1.6 million solar panels – which is the equivalent to the combined size of 65,000 home rooftop solar systems.

Doug Perry, TVA Vice President of Commercial Energy Solutions says “TVA recognizes that renewable energy is a tremendous asset in terms of economic and environmental benefits – and we’re excited to partner with Google and make this happen for our region.”


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