Centre Native Serves as Casket Bearer for President George H.W. Bush

As people around the country reflect on President George H.W. Bush’s life, an Alabama man was among the service members who carried the casket of the 41st President.   Army Staff Sgt. Zachary Miller from Centre had dreamed of serving in the military since he was in the 6th grade.

After completing his training, Miller hasn’t looked back and recently had the honor of being part of Senator John McCain’s funeral in addition to President Bush’s on Tuesday.

Zachary’s mother Becky Miller said “We never knew we would see him on TV as much as we did and then it was a, ‘there he was’ kind of thing.  He was a team leader and so that was a very proud time for us,”  His father, Frank Miller said “Zachary is from a little town in northeast Alabama nobody has ever heard of before and he applied himself and worked very hard and he is a role model”.

The Miller family has a strong appreciation for the military.  They say they don’t know what future generations their son may inspire but they’re very honored his service led him to his important position on such an important day.  Zachary’s brother Eli summed it up well, saying “He feels like it is giving them that one last moment of honor and respect that they have given our country and now we are just giving it back to them”.

The family says they hope to be able to speak with Miller after he is debriefed.


(Photos from CBS TV42)

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