Floyd-Cherokee Medical Center Director Of Emergency Services, Becky Smith Receives Patriot Award From The U.S Department Of Defense

For her support of the military and a U.S. Air Force Reserve employee, Becky Smith, Director of Emergency Services at Floyd Cherokee Medical Center, received the Patriot Award from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Smith was nominated for the award by Lt. Col. Lynn Hillhouse. Hillhouse is a staff nurse in the Emergency Room at Floyd Cherokee Medical Center and serves as Chief Nurse in the U.S. Air Force Reserve for the 908th ASTS (Aeronautical Staging and Transport Squadron) stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base.

In her nomination, Hillhouse said “I’ve worked for Becky for the last three years. She has to make sure my drill weekends are covered, which is every other weekend, and sometimes she has to do it herself. She always tells me that she will take care of it and that she is proud of my service. She even gave me a Veterans Day card. I’ve never gotten one before.”

Day in and day out, Smith is known as a supporter of the military. She takes time to thank all veterans who come under her care. “There are many ways to serve, and Becky serves by supporting all veterans,” Hillhouse said.

Patriot Award recipients are nominated by a member of the National Guard or Reserve or the spouse of a member. This award is presented to managers who provide support and understanding for service members and their families. This support includes a flexible schedule, time off before and after deployments, caring for family needs and granting leaves of absence, if needed.

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