Still Haven’t Received Your New Medicare Card? Here’s What You Need to Do

If you live in Alabama and you still haven’t received your new Medicare card, it may be time to check on the status of the card by logging on to your account.  

If you don’t have an account, visit to create one.

Medicare recipients in Alabama should’ve received their new cards in August.  If a new card has been mailed you can view your new number OR print an official copy.  Those new cards have now replaced the user’s Social Security number with a number which is unique to that recipient. The new number consists of a combination of eleven randomly assigned numbers and letters called a Medicare Beneficiary Identifier or MBI.  The new numbers use the digits 0 to 9 and the letters S, L, O, I, B and Z are never used.

All coverage and benefits remain the same.

The new card can be used immediately, no activation is required.

For more information you can call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227.

You can go here and put in your email to see the current status of your card.


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