Piedmont City Council Adopts Gas Tax Ordinance

The Piedmont City Council, on Tuesday, adopted an ordinance making the recently approved gas tax increase official.

With the passage of the ordinance, motorists will now be paying an additional one cent per gallon within the city.

The new ordinance will also update the allocation of the tax, which was established by in 1979.

City officials said that “the police jurisdiction’s portion will increase from .5 cents to a cent, and the city’s portion will increase from a cent to two cents.”

The increase is expected to generate additional revenue of $80,000 per year, which will be earmarked for paving city streets.

While previously having the lowest gas tax rates in the region, council members say the new 2 cent per gallon rate will place Piedmont in line with surrounding communities.

In other business, after months of consideration, the council agreed to refinance a previous bond issued through Joe Jolly & Company, Inc. of Birmingham. City officials say the move will save the city about $80,000 long term.

Also approved, was the purchase of a 2019 extended cab Chevy pickup truck for the city’s electric department at a cost of $28,562 using funds allocated from the Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA).

The council passed an ordinance accepting the transfer of ownership of a portion of Memorial Drive and its right of way from the Alabama Department of Transportation to the City of Piedmont.

Several abatement measures were approved, which include cutting the grass and placing liens on various abandoned properties around the city.

Bills for payment were approved in the amount of $357,895.69.

The next regular Piedmont City Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th, following the work session, which is set for 5:30pm.

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