Piedmont City Council Approves Gas Tax Increase

Motorists will soon be paying an additional one cent per gallon in Piedmont after city officials approved the gas tax increase in Tuesday’s meeting.

Council Member Terry Kiser recommended the increase from the current rate of 1 cent per gallon to 2 cents.

City officials expect the increase to generate additional revenue of $80,000 per year, which will be earmarked for paving city streets.

While previously having the lowest gas tax rates in the region, council members say the new 2 cent per gallon rate will place Piedmont in line with surrounding communities.

In other business, the council agreed to spend $140,000 for the purchase of a new street sweeper. The city has been without a sweeper for quite some time, due to the old unit needing expensive repairs.

The council approved an ordinance authorizing the city to obtain a $570,000 loan to complete the water treatment facility upgrades, as well as the construction of a new well.

The ordinance was needed to approve the loan that the council had requested in September of last year from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. This was in addition to the $1.87 million loan given by ADEM in 2015.

According to the council, this should secure all of the funding for the project, which has been in the works for more than 5 years.

While the water treatment facility upgrades are still ongoing, city officials expect the new well to go online sometime next week.

Bills for payment were approved in the amount of $518,454.22.

The next regular Piedmont City Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 21st, following the work session, which is set for 5:30pm. 

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