World’s Longest Yard Sale (2018 Edition) Set for August 2nd – 5th

The countdown has begun – the World’s Longest Yard Sale – “2018 Edition” – is just around the corner.  

Brace yourself for four fun-filled, action-packed, over-the-top, shop ‘til you drop days, next Thursday – Sunday, August 2nd – 5th as thousands of bargain hunters, wheeler dealers and curiosity seekers alike, pack the highways and byways for a 690 mile stretch from Gadsden, Alabama to somewhere called Addison, Michigan.

The 127 Yard Sale, more commonly referred to as the “World’s Longest Yard Sale” (because that’s just what it is) runs through six states – Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. 

We hope everyone has fun, but we urge everyone to exercise caution in congested areas and be especially mindful of small children as you drive the route.  Make it a year that’s safe for all.

From Gadsden, AL to Tennessee (Highway 127)

  1. Start at the intersection of Noccalula Rd. and Body St., the southern end of the 127 Yard Sale. Drive northeast for approximately 0.5 miles.
  2. Turn RIGHT onto Tabor Rd. Drive approxamately 19.1 miles.
  3. Tabor Rd will become Alabama 176. Follow 176 to the Dogtown community. Drive approximately 10 miles.
  4. Continue STRAIGHT through the 4-way stop. 176 now becomes DeKalb County 89. Stay on 89 through communities such as Five Points, Fort Payne, Fischer, and DeSoto State Park. Drive for appoximately 14.6 miles.
  5. Turn LEFT to stay on 89. Drive approximately 0.9 miles.
  6. Turn RIGHT to stay on 89. Drive approimately 5.6 miles.
  7. Turn LEFT to stay on 89. Drive approximately 0.1 miles to Mentone, Alabama.
  8. From Mentone turn RIGHT onto Alabama 117.
  9. Follow 117 into Georgia where it becomes Georgia 48. Drive approximately 7.6 miles.
  10. Turn LEFT onto Georgia 157. Drive approximately 23.2 miles.
  11. Turn LEFT onto 136. Drive approximately 2.4 miles.
  12. Turn RIGHT onto 189. 189 will turn into TN 148. Drive approximately 15.8 miles.
  13. Turn LEFT to continue on TN 148. Drive approximately 3.6 miles.
  14. Continue STRAIGHT onto 11/41/64 which becomes Broad St. Drive approximately 2.3 miles.
  15. MERGE onto US-27 N via the ramp to Downtown/Red Bank. Drive approximately 4.3 miles.
  16. EXIT onto Signal Mountain Rd/Highway 127.
  17. ARRIVE at the southern end of Highway 127 which continues all the way to Addison, MI

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