The Peach Prince of Cherokee County

Where there’s a Will there’s an eight year old with an old fashioned work ethic and a pocket full of money.  The “Will” being Centre resident Will Jordan – who has undertaken the job of peach pickin’ at a sizeable local orchard this season. 

WEIS Radio recently spoke with Will, his five year old sister Ella and his mother, Molly, who told us how Will became the Peach Prince of Cherokee County:

“Itchy” is probably the best way to describe it.  Well, that and pretty profitable.  Will has put quite a bit of cash aside already.  It’s a team effort, with everyone pitching in.  His sister Ella acts as a “box runner” – meaning she makes sure that each box is emptied and brought back as soon as possible to be re-filled; Will even has some paid employees because as Molly said – it turned out to be a pretty big undertaking:

Will and his team are often picking between 300 and 500 pounds of peaches per day, and to his credit, he’s never backed down – no matter how “itchy”, or “fuzzy”, things got as the day wore on.


Molly and her husband Bill said they’re very proud of the initiative Will has shown with this new venture.  

For more information visit the Facebook Page a@willspeaches

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