DeKalb County Chief Jail Administrator Appointed To The Cherokee-Etowah-DeKalb Mental Health Board

DeKalb County Detention Centers Chief Jail Administrator Jonathan Langley has been appointed to a volunteer position on the Cherokee- Etowah- DeKalb Mental Health Board.

Langley’s title on the CED Mental Health Board is Officer but he is also a nurse along with being the Chief Jail Administrator and a Certified Law Enforcement Officer. Being the Chief Jail Administrator Langley deals with these types of people on a daily basis.

CED Mental Health’s qualified staff members comes to the DeKalb County Detention Center to evaluate and determine the most appropriate treatment for inmates that may have a mental illness.

By being on the CED Mental Health Board Langley will be an asset to CED Mental Health. Langley will also be able to help them to assess any situation that may arise. Director Shelia Hurley said that she appreciates the County Commission appointing Langley to the CED Mental Health Board, and that he is going to be a big asset in helping them in their cases with all of his credentials.  


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