Congressman Mike Rogers Discusses The Anniston Army Depot and Infrastructure with WEIS Radio

On Monday of this week as negotiations were in the final stages of bringing the Government Shutdown to an end Congressman Mike Rogers, during a short break, took the time to speak with WEIS Radio about several different topics.

One of which was the fact that federal workers would be back on the job the following day, with back pay.  Since the Anniston Army Depot is in the Congressman’s District, we asked if they were adversely affected by the shutdown:


Other discussion was given to immigration, including the Border Wall, Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery – and the benefits, both immediate and long-range of tax reform which will hopefully bring about a resurgence of consumer confidence, and a realignment of American based manufacturing.

We asked Congressman Rogers what was next on the agenda:


The next question of course was regarding the estimated time frame – are we looking at as much as a year to set things into motion – six months – less?


We’ll have more on our conversation with Congressman Rogers in the coming days.


As always, I want to hear from you on this or any issue. 

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