Congressman Mike Rogers Discusses Tax Reform with WEIS Radio

Congressman Mike Rogers managed to set aside a few minutes Monday to speak with WEIS Radio’s Jerry Baker to discuss the Government Shutdown – even as negotiations were being wrapped up to bring that to an end.  Government employees are now back at work with back pay coming for Monday.

Congressman Rogers briefly discussed the issues of immigration including the Border Wall, Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery; the Infrastructure Bill which will concentrate on road and bridge projects as well as water and sewer systems that have been deteriorating over a number of years; and something that will have a positive impact both immediately and long term – Tax Reform:


Rogers sees this as the beginning of a new economic boom, where business once again sees America as the place to be headquartered, which in turn means more job opportunities and a more prosperous way of living for everyone in the U.S.


We’ll have more on our conversation with Congressman Rogers in the coming days.


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