No Rangers on Duty at the Little River Canyon Due to Government Shutdown / JSU Canyon Center is Open

Well, as you’ve no doubt heard, the government shutdown has affected a lot of things – and, one of those things, close to home is Little River Canyon.

We spoke with a representative early this morning and learned that visitors are still able to use the park however they should be aware that they are doing so at their own risk as there are no park rangers on duty should you need help.  In the event of an emergency you’ll have to place a 9-1-1 emergency call. 

Other changes include the fact there even though restroom facilities are open – there are no staff members on duty to provide normal cleaning inspections and/or services therefore all visitors are strongly encouraged to be considerate of others and help keep the campground and restroom areas tidy.

Government Shutdown

For your planning purposes, some parks in the National Park System may have areas that remain accessible to visitors; however access may change without notice, and some parks are closed completely. Some lodging, restaurants, and other services may be available when provided by concessionaires or other entities. Be aware that there will be no National Park Service-­provided visitor services, including restrooms, trash collection, facilities, or road maintenance.

For more information, see and the park website.

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