Gadsden Man Charged with Chemical Endangerment of a Child

A 33 year old Gadsden man has been jailed on two counts of the Chemical Endangerment of Exposing a Child to an Environment in which Controlled Substances are Ingested, Produced or Distributed – which is a felony offense.

David Lamar Lumpkin was placed under arrest, after law enforcement officials conducted a welfare check at a home on Agricola Drive in response to reports of possible drug use at the location while children were present.  Upon entering the house, Deputies Josh Gaskin, John Streefkerk and Chris Smith, along with DHR employee, detected a strong odor of marijuana.  According to the report, drug paraphernalia was found in Lumpkin’s bedroom and at that point he admitted that he had been smoking marijuana.

He was booked into jail with his bond being set at $10,000 for the Chemical Endangerment charge; he also faces an outstanding warrant through the Piedmont Police Department.

A Safety Plan has been put in place for the children by Etowah County DHR.

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