Weiss Lake Improvement Association Donates $1,500 Toward Cost of Causeway Clearing Porject

Those traveling on Highway 9 along the causeway between Centre and Cedar Bluff can now fully appreciate and enjoy one of the most picturesque sights in the state – a beautiful, wide open view of Weiss Lake.

The long-talked about project, once underway, took only a matter of weeks and thanks to a great deal of teamwork by all those involved, Bedwell Whorton Construction from Rainbow City, the Cherokee County Commission and the Cherokee County Highway Department, the  Alabama Department of Transportation and Alabama Power any traffic delays were kept to an absolute minimum.

A few trees that were cut during the process were left by the bank to serve as fish habitats.

The total cost of the project came to just over $300,000 with $220,000 of that being paid by a grant, and past credits from road construction projects with ALDOT, according to Probate Judge/County Commission Chairman Tim Burgess.

Recently, Sam Marko with the Weiss Lake Improvement Association presented Commission Members Carlton Teague and Marcie Foster with a check to help with defraying the cost of that undertaking:


Following the presentation, we spoke briefly with Marko about the big cleanup campaign in the works for next spring:


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