Mother of Murdered Three Year Old Headed to Prison

Kayla Leann Medckie has been sentenced to a ten year prison term, with four to serve, on a charge of Cruelty to Children 2nd Degree.  Medckie is the mother of then three year old Ella Camp, who was murdered in September 2013.  Authorities said she placed her child in a car with David Zachary Gresham after Ella had accused him of inappropriately touching her.

According to reports the three year old was brutally assaulted on September 17th of 2013 – she later died at Scottish Rite Hospital from blunt force trauma to the head and torso.

The surveillance video taken from an area gas station, showed Gresham beating the child as Medckie went into the store. 

On June 13th last year (2016), Gresham pled guilty to murdering Ella, and was sentenced to a term of Life without the possibility of parole; in April of this year Medckie entered what is known as an “Alford Plea” – which is a guilty plea, however the defendant does not admit to the criminal act and instead, asserts innocence.

The sentence was handed down Monday be Floyd Superior Court Judge Billy Sparks


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