Attempted Scam Falls Flat When Local Resident Replies “Are You Stupid?!” – and it Goes Downhill From There…

WEIS Radio had a call from a Cherokee County resident on Tuesday reporting yet another attempted scam. 

We say “attempted scam”, because in this case, our hometown hero didn’t let the con artists get very far into their rehearsed speech, which was in this case “You’ve won a FREE trip to anywhere in the U.S. all expenses paid and blah blah blah – we just need to ask you a couple of questions first…”, before she said “Are you STUPID?!” followed by one or two other well constructed sentences – and the sound of silence, when she hung up on them.

And that’s how you handle that.

Remember, the less contact you have with these snake oil salesmen the better.  If you make the mistake of even answering the phone when one of these con artists call, keep it short, to the point above all, never listen to their sales pitch.  If you didn’t enter a contest, one thing’s for sure – you didn’t win one.

Never, ever give out information to anyone over the phone that you don’t know, no matter who they claim to be.  If YOU didn’t call THEM – HANG UP.

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