Man Charged with Murdering his Mother Seeks Bond Reduction

Attorneys for the Mentone man charged with the murder of his mother some two years ago are asking that his bond amount be reduced from $500,000 to as little as $15,000 – $75,000

They say bond should be reduced because he has no prior criminal record and contend that he is NOT a danger to the community – arguing that Alabama’s Rules of Criminal Procedure call for a bond amount in a murder case to be within the guidelines they are asking for.

Tyler Blansit, now age 23, has been in jail since his arrest in connection with the May 2015 beating death of his mother, 45 year old Sherry Blansit.  According to reports she was killed with a baseball bat after the two argued over her son’s grades.  Tyler Blansit had reportedly been attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a Biology student.

Prosecutors of course oppose the request for bond reduction, calling $500,000 “reasonable, if not lenient” given the circumstances of the offense, calling the crime “atrocious and cruel” – prosecutors also attached a crime scene photo of the victim, as part of the motion arguing against lowering the amount. DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris called the murder “one of the most brutal deaths I’ve ever seen.”

Tyler Blansit is scheduled to go to trial September 25th (2017).

The court has not yet ruled on the request for bond reduction.


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