NOTHING is Ever as Good as it Sounds. Another Scam Alert.

Here we go again – it’s Scam Time.

Area residents are once again receiving calls from people claiming to be with the Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes and various other organizations known for giving away money, and prizes, adding up to millions.

The only problem is – these aren’t those people – these are just crooks trying to take money FROM you, NOT give it to you. 

No matter how it starts at some point they ask you to do one or two things that give it away as being a scam – they want you to send them money by credit/debit card, a “Green Dot” or similar store-bought credit card, a money order, check, cash, or whatever it may be – saying it’s for “taxes” or “fees” – which is an outright lie; you NEVER have to pay anything up front in a legitimate contest – OR they may come right out and ask for sensitive information, such as credit/debit card numbers, bank account numbers, social security numbers and so on, to pay for those “fees” or “taxes” (which we just covered) OR to make absolutely sure they’re “sending the prize to the right person” (Hey, don’t worry, buddy – for two million dollars – I’ll fly to Jamaica and pick it up myself).

It’s become an everyday thing.  Scammers are working hard to rip people off.  Make sure to stay alert and protect yourself.  Don’t fall for it. 

The vast majority of these con artists are operating out of the country, primarily in Jamaica; and that means once your money is gone – it’s gone.  Law enforcement can’t help you get it back.

Never give out personal, private information over the phone unless YOU made that call, and you KNOW the person you’re speaking with.

And remember, if you didn’t enter a contest – you didn’t win.

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