Testimony Continues In The Murder Trial Of Terry Lee McKinney


Testimony continued on Tuesday afternoon in the Murder Trial of Cedar Bluff resident Terry Lee McKinney.

During the proceedings Cherokee County Chief Investigator Josh Summerford presented evidence to the Jury including a hatchet, a grabber, a .22 caliber projectile removed from the torso of the victim and the chainsaw used to dismember Leroy “Pete” Foster.

As part of Summerford’s testimony an audio recording of an interview between McKinney and Investigators was played for the Jury – during the nearly two hour interview McKinney repeatedly denies having anything to do with shooting Foster claiming that there were others in his house when Pete was killed and that they were trying to kill him when Foster was shot.

McKinney testified that he suspected Pete and some of his friends were stealing tools and other items from his house and property.

Naring the end of the interview he begins to talk to Investigators about sawing Foster’s lifeless body into pieces before placing the body parts into plastic bags, loading them in his car and then driving Highway 68 to County Road 75 to County Road 82 where he began to throw the bags out of the vehicle. McKinney said in the tape that he went as far a Starling Gap near County Road 47 before he turned around and returned home.

Senior Forensics Investigator Mark Hopwood with the Jacksonville State University Center for Applied Forensics also took the stand and testified as to every single piece of evidence that had been collected from McKinney’s home, McKinney’s car and along side County Road 82.

Proceedings will continue today – a second interview recording is among the evidence Jurors will examine as the trial reaches day 3.


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