Preliminary Hearing Held In The Capital Murder Trial Of Jeffery Wilcox Jr.

wilcox1A preliminary hearing in the Capital Murder Trial of Jeffery Wilcox, Jr. was held on Tuesday afternoon in the Cherokee County Courtroom of District Court Judge Wes Mobley.

Both the State and Defense heard testimony from Cherokee County Chief Investigator Josh Summerford and Chasidy Wilcox, Jeffery Wilcox’s wife whom he kidnapped after gunning down her mother and step father 47 year old Daniel Andrews and 47 year old Letitia Andrews at their home on County Road 19 back on July 31st.

Summerford outlined the details surrounding the case from the time the first 911 call was made to the days following which included a large scale man hunt for Wilcox which eventually led to the suspect being taken into custody in the parking lot of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office where he turned himself in.

Summerford testified that when Investigators arrived on the scene they observed Mr. Andrews in the floor near the front door and Mrs. Andrews in the kitchen both suffering from multiple wounds.

According to testimony by both Summerford and Mrs. Wilcox there were five children present during the shooting.

Immediately following the shooting Jeffery Alan Wilcox forced Chasidy Wilcox into his 2011 Chevy pick-up truck where he handcuffed her and traveled as far as South Dakota before turning around and returning to Centre where he was captured three days later.

Chasidy testified that as she was handcuffed with five kids in the truck she was able to free herself and she and the children were able to run through a wooded area behind the home before he kidnapped her and left the children, they were later found by a passerby and taken to the Centre Police Department.

Following lengthy testimony and cross examination, Judge Mobley ruled that there was probable cause in the case. It will now be up to a Cherokee County Grand Jury to return an Indictment.

Wilcox Jr. is being charged with Capital Murder and is currently being held in the Cherokee County Detention Center without bond.



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