Governor Bentley Approves Use of Emergency Funds to Fight Zika Virus

Zika 1

On Friday, Governor Robert Bentley announced that he has approved the use of emergency funds to support the state’s efforts against the Zika Virus.

Bentley approved the use of emergency funds up to $250,000 to assist in mosquito control efforts – after the Alabama Department of Public Health issued a request for assistance with Zika mitigation funding.

The Governor stated (quote) “…as we continue to see cases of Zika around the country, we want to make sure Alabama is as prepared as possible to respond quickly, should the need arise,” he went on to say “the funds that I have authorized are available if Alabama needs to respond and if the ADPH needs to move quickly with mosquito control efforts” (end-quote)

Alabama, State Health Officer Dr. Tom Miller says it is “very likely” that we will have local transmission of the Zika virus by mosquitoes like Florida is now experiencing and the funds will assist Alabama in responding aggressively to protect its citizens.  Miller added that this is especially important for pregnant women and their unborn babies, since Zika can cause severe birth defects.

Public health environmentalists have been working with communities to reduce mosquito breeding; they’re also conducting courtesy yard inspections for the people in the vicinity of those who have tested positive for Zika.

(Dekalb County Dispatch/

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