Purloined Python is Returned to the Petting Zoo at Noccalula Falls Park

Ball Python

Rule #1 – Never steal a snake.

Rule #2 – Never get into an argument with your accomplice in the middle of the parking lot and attract the attention of the police after you steal a snake.

According to Gadsden Police reports on Tuesday a ball python was heisted from the petting zoo at Noccalula Falls Park.

Officers were dispatched to the parking lot of the park that afternoon due to a report of two women arguing – apparently over who owned a snake; turns out, neither of them owned it – since it was stolen.  According to the report, the snake was taken from an enclosure outside the petting zoo barn. 

Park employees were trying to determine what happened to the snake, when the women in question, managed to cause enough of a commotion to warrant having police officers called to the scene.

The snake was returned to the park – meanwhile police and park officials are attempting to determine whether any trespassing, or theft charges should be filed in connection with that incident.


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