Airfield Improvements in Place at the Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport

Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport Authority Announces Airfield Improvements

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The Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport Authority is pleased to announce the availability of fuel at the airport. 

Avgas is available 24/7 through credit card purchase.

The Authority recently completed construction of a new$650,000 10-Bay T-Hangar with bi-fold doors. All the units are currently leased and the hangar was constructed by local firm, McKinney Construction. The project, coupled with the completion of the fuel facility, will stimulate growth and provide income in an effort to create a more self-sufficient airport.

The Authority recently selected Donnie Free as Airport Manager on a part-time basis.  Free has added a much needed presence at the facility.  Also, the Authority has received a very generous donation of furnishings from First Southern State Bank.  A board table, chairs and other furnishings were all provided for the conference room located in the Harley McGatha Operations Building.

The regional airport serves the cities of Centre and Piedmont as well as the remainder of Cherokee County. The Centre-Piedmont-Cherokee County Regional Airport Authority was incorporated in 2000 to provide representation of the separate jurisdictions involved.  The Authority is governed by a seven person board, with two being appointed by each of the jurisdictions, while the chairman serves at large.

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The airport is sited on 308 acres of land which was purchased from the Ellis family in November of 2003.  A groundbreaking was held in December of 2003.  Located on Highway 9 South between Centre and Piedmont, the airport has a 5,500 foot-long runway, which is the optimum length recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration for regional general aviation airports.  Both Runway 7 and 25 have RNAV GPS approaches.

For further information, contact Luanne Hayes at 256-927-1805,

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