Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Adds New VINELink Feature to Web Site

CCSO YESOne of Alabama’s most comprehensive law enforcement agency websites, has become even better, with the addition of a new feature that many people have been asking for.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has just upgraded their site with what is known as the VINELink program which is the on-line version of VINE (standing for “Victim Information & Notification Everyday”).

VINELink is part of the National Victim Notification Network which is designed to allow the victims of crimes to obtain timely and reliable information regarding criminal cases and the custody status of offenders 24 hours a day.

This program also allows you to register for notifications.

The following is taken from the VINE website:

The VINE victim information link, is posted alongside the arrest information of each person arrested and booked in at the Cherokee County Detention Center.


Cherokee County Sheriff Jeff Shaver



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