Piedmont to No Longer Split Bingo Revenue

The Piedmont City Council, on Tuesday, voted to no longer split the revenue gathered from the city’s bingo tax with the city school system. Instead, the city will retain the entire $4 per player fee to help shore up the city’s finances.

Previously, half of the $4 “head tax,” which is collected on bingo players, went to the Piedmont City School system, in accordance with city law. However, the council felt that the current state of the city’s finances no longer allowed for splitting the money.

In a 4-3 vote, the council agreed to the change in the city’s proposed bingo ordinance, following a motion by Council Member Terry Kiser, with Council Members Frank Cobb, Mark Harper, and Mary Bramblett opposing the change.

“You really need to think about what you’re about to do,” Cobb said before stating that the council would surely receive pushback from city residents.

The council hopes that bingo will bring a much needed source of revenue to the cash strapped city, which successfully raising the prize cap to $1 million  earlier this year.

The council recognized Piedmont resident, Kyle Naugher, who recently achieved the status of Eagle Scout within the Boy Scouts of America organization. Mayor Bill Baker presented Naugher with a United States flag, which was flown over the state’s capitol on April 12th. Naugher is the city’s first Eagle Scout in over 21 years.

Also recognized, was 4 newly hired Piedmont Police Officers: Robert Griffith, Molly Pitts, Lee Terry, and Tyler Young.

In other business, the council declared as surplus a 2003 Izuzu sewer jetter, which will be place for sale on the online auction site, govdeals.com.

Lin Latta was appointed to fill the current vacancy on the Piedmont City Schools Board of Education.

Bills for payment were approved in the amount of $99,433.59 in addition to a payroll amount of $117,085.91 for a total of $216,519.50 with Council Member Brenda Spears voting “No” and Council Members Mary Bramblett and Ben Keller abstaining.

Also, the council heard public comment from Doug Dickeson, whose property was annexed into the city during the April 5th meeting. During that meeting Council Member Frank Cobb commented that Dickeson, who made a failed bid for a seat on the council, was ineligible to run for office, as he was not a resident at the time, and therefore committed perjury. At Tuesday’s meeting, Cobb and Dickeson, who took offense to being labeled a “criminal,” engaged in a rather heated exchange of words. That exchange can be heard in its entirety below:

The next regular Piedmont City Council meeting previously slated for Tuesday, May 17th, has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 18th, at 4 pm.

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