CVG Global Reportedly Not “Hitting the Road”; Instead, “Downsizing” Piedmont Plant by 120 Jobs


A company which has been providing employment to around 160 residents of the area, will reportedly reduce their workforce by roughly 75% – cutting 120 workers between now and the end of summer.

According to a spokesperson with CVG Global – the Piedmont plant will start cutting jobs by the first of June.

CVG Alabama, formerly Bostrom Seating, manufactures commercial truck seating; the plant had, according to a report in the Anniston Star announced several months ago that workers there had voted almost two-to-one to join the United Auto Workers Union.


Company officials insist that they are NOT closing the Piedmont plant, rather they’re simply moving production from that facility to two other company locations, one in Tennessee and one in Mexico. 

The few remaining employees left will keep the plant operating as an “aftermarket service” and distribution center.

Officials stated that the decision to move was effectively made prior to the vote to unionize.

Piedmont Mayor Bill Baker told the Star that the news came as a shock and that he’s greatly concerned for those workers and their families affected by the impending move.

(Anniston Star/


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