Castor and Oil, Chicken and Pox, Chili and Crackers – Which Pair Started a Fight?

Chili and CrackersWhen you’re sitting in jail, and the person next to you says “So, what are you in for?” – there are times when its best just to make something up.

Two Floyd County women who were roommates, were charged with Battery after allegedly getting into a fight  over a can of chili and crackers

According to the police report, officers were called to 1354 Old Cave Spring Road, and were told by 37 year old Melinda Ann Wright that her roommate had jumped on top of her as she was sleeping. 

The fight, she said was over a can of chili.  The roommate, 48 year old Jackie Lee Staton said that when she couldn’t find her food, she confronted Wright.  Wright stated that she didn’t want Jackie eating her food, and was keeping it in her room.  But, she added, she mistakenly took a can of chili and some crackers that belonged to Staton.

The women gave conflicting stories as to who started the fight.

Both had scrapes and marks on them. 

They were both released from jail after posting bond.


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