Student Pick Up Parking an Issue at Centre Elementary School

Centre City Council

During the most recent meeting of the Centre City Council, Mayor Tony Wilkie informed the Council Members that an issue needed to be addressed in connection with school pick up at Centre Elementary:

 We followed up with the mayor – and in a nutshell – he said his only role was in relaying the message from the Department of Transportation to School Principal Wes Neyman, in hopes that the matter could be dealt with before it becomes a serious, and a potentially expensive, problem.

WEIS Radio News spoke with Principal Neymen Friday morning and he informed us that he had already taken steps to correct things, speaking with each driver as they picked up their children, explaining that parking on the sidewalk would no longer be permitted.  He told us it would be preferable if those picking up children would arrive on time, rather than twenty and in some cases, up to thirty minutes early. 

Principal Neyman also said that only a small number of students are being picked up at that particular time.

With a little cooperation everything should run smoothly.

School Pick Up Schedule


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