Scuffle at Sand Rock School Leads to Rumors of “Lockdown”

Sand Rock 1

WEIS Radio received several calls Wednesday morning from individuals, including parents, wanting to know if it was true, that Sand Rock school had been placed on “lockdown” of any sort adding that law enforcement officials were seen on the grounds.  We spoke with School Superintendent Mitchell Guice at around 9:00 regarding the questions – and he informed us that deputies were at the school, however it was purely a precautionary measure, as well as a show of security to lessen any fears anyone may have had, due to a minor incident the day before; the school was never on “lockdown.”

Two students were involved in a scuffle on Tuesday morning with one of the two being sent home early, around 9:30am, due to his actions and the use of extremely vulgar language.

Unfortunately, it appears rumors began circulating primarily through postings on Facebook and the story took on a life of its own – becoming much, much more than what actually took place.

Superintendent Guice told us that the student that was sent home was suspended; however since testing is going on this week his parents were told that they could bring the student in to take part in that – and that is essentially why the officers were there Wednesday morning – to simply make sure there were no disruptions of any sort.

The superintendent stressed that if there had been any sort of real threat, school would not have been in session at all on Wednesday and not until any and all potential problems were fully resolved, adding that any threat is always taken seriously and dealt with accordingly.

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