Counterfeit $100 Bills Showing Up in Chattooga County

Counterfeit_Money 1Bogus bills have reportedly turned up in neighboring Chattooga County, Georgia.

The manager of the Wendy’s restaurant in Pennville contacted the sheriff’s office regarding what appeared to be a counterfeit $100 bill taken in last week.

He was in his own drive thru, when an employee inside the building asked him to look at a bill which had just been given to them by the car in front of the store manager.

Sheriff’s Office Deputies quickly arrived on the scene and asked the people in the vehicle to wait, while they scanned the $100 bill with a detecting pen – which indicated, that the bill, was indeed, fake.

The two women in the car said they had two other $100 bills which they asked to deputy to “check” for them; they also turned out to be counterfeit.

Following a consent search, the deputy found prescription drugs not belonging to the pair.

Both women were arrested on forgery charges for the fake $100 bills – and on drug charges for the illegal possession of prescription drugs.

(AM1180 Chattooga County Radio)

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