Scammers Once Again Targeting Cherokee Electric Customers

cherokee electric cooperative

Scammers are apparently using the name of Cherokee Electric Co-op in their latest attempt to obtain money from unsuspecting co-op customers.

Sarah Bright with the Co-op has informed WEIS Radio that customers have called them – to report calls from a person claiming to be with Cherokee Electric threatening to cut off their power “within the next 45 minutes” – because they have an overdue bill.

The caller then asks for a credit or debit card number.

Bright says even though Cherokee Electric may call a customer with a past-due bill to give them notice regarding their service – they will never threaten to cut off service “within the next 45 minutes” or ASK for payment over the phone; they will accept payment should the customer offer to pay in that manner – but certainly will not attempt to “hold the customer hostage”.

A good rule of thumb is to NEVER pay by phone unless YOU contact the provider yourself – that way you know you’re speaking with the right person.

Other callers are reportedly contacting customers saying they’re with Cherokee Electric Co-op, claiming they can “save them money on their credit card” which of course is something Cherokee Electric Co-op isn’t in the business of doing.

If you receive a suspicious call asking for money – simply hang up – then contact Cherokee Electric Co-op to make a report of the incident at (256) 927-5524.


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