Witnesses Say Garrard Gave Different Versions of Nine Year Old’s Death

Garrard 1Witnesses stated during testimony this week that Joyce Hardin Garrard told more than a single version of how her nine year old granddaughter Savannah Hardin actually died back in 2012.

Savannah was reportedly forced to run non-stop for some three hours as punishment for a lie she’d told about eating candy; the girl eventually collapsed and was taken to a hospital – but died three days later.

According to a report on al.com neighbors witnessed the incident but thought nothing of it, not realizing the extent of the punishment or the actual circumstances.

Daniel Wilkie, a paramedic who responded to the scene, said in court that Garrard told him Savannah had suffered a seizure inside the living room of the home even though he noticed twigs in the child’s hair – he said he later overheard Garrard telling doctors that Savannah had fallen backwards on the steps outside the home.

Testimony resumes today (Wednesday).

Garrard Case - Savannah


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