Gadsden State First College in Alabama to Make Use of Important New Technology

GS 3Starting with the Spring Semester Gadsden State Community College will be utilizing brand new software that will allow students in Health Sciences classes to see MRI and CT images in 3D.

The BodyViz 3D MRI/CT Anatomy Software will allow those using the program to shift the position of the image so that it can be viewed from above, below, one side or the other, and it can even be zoomed in and zoomed out – all using an Xbox game controller.

Gadsden State is the first college in the state of Alabama to make use of the new technology

Through use of that software the students can get a better look at deviations from normal anatomy and physiology such as diseases, illnesses or trauma and gain insight into what to look for in regard to any abnormalities that may need to be addressed.


GS 2

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