Counterfeit Bills Show Up Once Again in Northwest Georgia

Counterfeit 3Bogus bills are once again popping up in northwest Georgia – making appearances in both Floyd and Chattooga counties over the last few days.

A manager at the Summerville McDonald’s reported that a drive-thru customer has paid for their order using a counterfeit $20 bill; in what was apparently a case of lucky timing, when the person went through the drive-thru the manager was in the process of closing the store down due to a water leak – and in the confusion the phony bill wasn’t immediately noticed.

Investigators later spoke with the employee who took the bill, however they said they were unable to remember who it came from.

Rome Police were dispatched to the Dollar Tree on Redmond Circle – after someone there had allegedly attempted to purchase items using forged one dollar bills just before 7:00pm Wednesday.

The clerk refused to take the money and the suspects – a man and a woman – left the store.

Officers conducted a search of the surrounding area but were unable to locate the couple.

Both incidents remain under investigation.

(AM1180 Chattooga County Radio/WRGA/

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