Man Charged with Attempted Murder Cuts Plea Deal

Jones, Justin Ray x2Albertville resident Justin Ray Jones, who was charged with attempted murder, took a plea deal just moments prior to opening statements Wednesday.

The 53 year old pled guilty to a charge of Assault 1st Degree in connection with a domestic dispute with his girlfriend in July of last year (2013); Kimberly Mayfield, also 53 – was shot in the back with a .38 revolver during the incident.

Jones, who was clearly intoxicated at the time according to reports, was taken into custody at the scene by law enforcement officials after tumbling off the front porch of the home.

According to Marshall County District Attorney Ed Kellett – Jones also cut the victim with a roofing knife.

As part of the plea, there was an agreed upon ten year sentence; however Jones is applying for probation. He will remain out on bond until his February 9th hearing on the matter.


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