Piedmont to Replace Fire Truck

The Piedmont City Council, Tuesday, voted to surplus a city fire truck and purchase a replacement. At the request of Piedmont Fire Chief Mike Ledbetter, the council agreed to sell a 2007 KME fire engine that, according to Ledbetter, breaks down frequently, thus far requiring about 9 repairs. Additionally, with the warranty expiring last year, future repairs could potentially be costly. Furthermore, as a 2-seater, the truck is too small to meet the departments current needs.

If sold, the truck, which was purchased new for $320,000 in 2007, could fetch up to $220,000, according to Ledbetter. That money would then be used to purchase a used E-One fire engine, which would be refurbished according to the department’s needs. Any additional costs would be absorbed by the city’s fire tax.

Chief Ledbetter also informed the council that the department has purchased the first 8 of 22 needed air packs through the city’s fire tax. Ledbetter noted that the city has since been reimbursed for the purchase through a FEMA grant.

Also, in order to proceed with property abatement, the council declared the home at 508 Church Street to be a public nuisance, due to the previous owners abandoning the property.

Bills for payment were approved in the amount of $336,226.30 in addition to a payroll amount of $129,396.65 for a total of $465,622.95.

Lastly, Mayor Bill Baker informed the council that he is currently negotiating with an unnamed company to lease 10 acres of city property to store anywhere from 20 to 28 18-wheelers.

The next regular Piedmont City Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 7th, at 6 pm.

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