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Superintendent Mitchell Guice Talks About One Cent Sales Tax Proposal

A lot of questions still remain to be answered concerning the One Cent Sales Tax proposal recently made by the Cherokee County Board of Education.

During a recent meeting of the Cherokee County Board of Education Superintendent of Education Mitchell Guice made a request to pass a formal resolution requesting the Cherokee County Commission hold a referendum for the continuation of the Special One Cent Sales Tax to be place on the Ballet on July 15.

In an exclusive interview WEIS Radio News asked Guice what has been done the current $1.5million dollars per year to justify needing an additional $1.5 million – and also asked if he had a set end date on the tax or if he was requesting an indefinite tax.

In answering the question concerning the possibility of an indefinite One Cent Sales Tax – Guice had this to say.

He also cited some upgrades that need to be made at Gaylesville School including the need for an additional elementary gymnasium to hold PE Classes.

He also talked about repairs that needed to be done at Spring Garden Schools in the Ag and Home Ec. Buildings where the flooring structure is giving way and is in immediate need of repair.

Superintendent Guice also said that Cedar Bluff School is immediate of additional classroom space – with additional students being added with no place to put them, Guice went on to say that the bleachers at the Sand Rock football stadium are also in need of replacement, he stated that they were extremely difficult to get up and down and are starting to get some swag in the concrete.

Guice also explained a shortfall for the upcoming budget.

We’ll continue to follow this topic as more details arise.

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