Pioneer Green Energy “Answers” Lawsuit Claims

Windmill 1

Officials with Pioneer Green Energy have files a brief answering each claim contained in a lawsuit filed by five Cherokee County residents who seeking to stop the proposed “Shinbone Wind Energy Project”

The suit filed on October the 21st of last year by Geneva “Ginny” Shaver, J. Dwight Jones, Newman E. Mackey, Lathan Lancaster and James David Estes contends that construction of those windmills will harm property values and will cause damage to the area’s natural beauty.

The suit also lists a disturbance of natural water sources and potential harm to wildlife as possible negative consequences of the development.

The response filed by Attorney Al Shumaker on behalf of the defendants, which are Pioneer Green and the participating landowner, answers each complaint listed in the lawsuit individually.

The defendants say the lawsuit is based on an “anticipatory nuisance” claim and that the benefits of a wind turbine project, if constructed, would vastly outweigh any harm or inconvenience to the plaintiffs.

You can read a copy of the lawsuit and the response below.

Cherokee County Lawsuit – Shinbone Wind

Filing of Defendant Answer to Pioneer suit 02.26.14


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