Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey Visits Piedmont High School

Piedmont - Kay Ivey

Piedmont High School’s technology initiative attracted a state dignitary to the town on Monday to see first-hand what the school system has accomplished.

Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey spent a considerable amount of time learning more about the plan to provide every student with a take-home laptop and home internet access – along with the other initiatives put in place at the school; afterwards, she said that the program is doing an ideal job in maximizing many different learning opportunities for the students adding that it’s amazing to see this type of development in a rural area.

According to ABC 33/40 – Piedmont High School senior Exavyer Jackson, said he hopes that the Lieutenant Governor will share what she learned there with other schools to help them to become more technologically savvy – he added that he and his classmates fully realize just how fortunate they are to have the advanced technology.

The Lieutenant Governor said that our young people need to be well-equipped and well-prepared and she was thrilled to see Piedmont embracing the double use of phasing in technology with the actual classroom time with teachers – calling it a perfect match.

(ABC 33/40)

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