Leesburg Council Endorses Wind Energy Legislation

leesburg council1

The Leesburg Town Council has approved a resolution in support of Senate Bill 12, also known as the Alabama Wind Energy Conservation Systems Act.

The legislation, which has been pre-filed by State Senator Phil Williams, would give local authorities some say so regarding wind turbine projects.

The council approved the resolution Monday night following a presentation by Ginny Shaver.

Shaver is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking to stop the Shinbone Wind Energy project in Cherokee County, citing among other things potential harm to property values, a disturbance of natural water sources, harm to wildlife and damage to the area’s natural beauty.

Shaver spoke about her concerns about the impact that the installation of the wind turbines could have on Lookout Mountain.

She says once that concrete is poured, it will be there forever.

Senate Bill 12 will also give the Alabama Department of Environmental Management authority to adopt rules regulating the location, design, installation and operation of wind energy conversion systems.

It would also require the removal of wind energy conversion systems that have been abandoned or that are not kept in proper working order.


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