Centre Cleanup This Week


The annual City of Centre Cleanup is Monday through Thursday of this week.

City residents can get rid of household items that are no longer needed by putting them out on the curbside.

Keep in mind, this does not include anything that cannot go into the landfill such as wet paint, tires and anything with Freon in it.

Centre Mayor Tony Wilkie is asking residents to take some things into consideration when piling up the items for the city to collect and dispose of.

Make sure you keep it far away from power lines, cable lines and phone lines or other overhead lines; also take care to keep discarded items away from gas meters, pedestals and so on.

This will allow for ease of pick-up by city workers and, in turn, will result in your property being cleared faster.

Items can be put out before the garbage trucks run for sanitation workers to see. They will then call in another vehicle that is equipped to pick up the items.

You can also call the city for pickup.

In addition to the pickup, volunteers are expected to be out cleaning up around town during the week.


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