Gadsden Woman Attacked and Robbed in Shell Mart Parking Lot

Gadsden Police are currently investigating the Monday night robbery which allegedly involved a woman being strangled with a cell phone charge-cord.

The website is reporting that the incident occurred around 7:00pm at the Shell Mart in the 500 block of George Wallace Drive where a 30 year old Altoona woman was approached by two men, one white and one black, in the parking lot.

The woman told police, the white male wrapped the cell phone charging cord around her neck, as the black male went through her purse and stole prescription medicine; the pair then fled on foot.

The white male was described as standing about six-two (6’ 2”) and weighing approximately 160 pounds while the black male stood roughly five-feet-five (5’ 5”) and weighed somewhere around 200 pounds.


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