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Piedmont Mayor Rick Freeman Steps Down Due to Health Problems

Rick Freeman 2The mayor of Piedmont has resigned.

According to ABC 33/40 Rick Freeman submitted a letter of resignation on Thursday, less than a year after taking office.

Freeman has had life-long health problems, and those health issues are cited as the reason that he has chosen to step down.

The city council will be meeting today (Friday, October 4th) at 12:30pm to appoint a new mayor.

The city actually has 60 days in which to choose their new mayor but council member and mayor pro-tem Bill Baker says they want to decide quickly.

Baker has more than 22 years experience on the council and when a previous mayor passed away in 1996 he filled in to finish the final year before an election was held; Baker said he is willing to do it again to complete the three years remaining on Freeman’s term – that is, if the other council members choose to vote in his favor.

(ABC 33/40)

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