Anniston Army Depot Operating as Normal in Spite of Government Shutdown

Anniston Army Depot 1

In spite of the government shutdown starting October 1st, the Anniston Army Depot is operating as usual, however over 1,000 workers at Homeland Security’s Center for Domestic Preparedness Center – are on furlough.

Depot Commander Colonel Brent Bolander, told ABC 33/40 (quote) “…Anniston Army Depot’s workforce is paid with appropriated funds through Army Working Capital Funds and we do have sufficient funds to carry us into fiscal year 2014; unless the guidance changes we will continue to operate under normal conditions.” (end-quote)

That of course is good news for those approximately 4,300 employees at the Depot who provide industrial and technical support to joint services for repair and overhaul of combat vehicles.

Immigrations & Customs Enforcement along with ICE Homeland Security Investigations will be remaining operational, due to the fact they’ve been deemed law enforcement necessary for safety of life and protection of property.

(ABC 33/40)

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