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Child Sex Abuse Offenders Receive Maximum Sentences in Calhoun County

ECSO - Forouten

Maximum sentences were handed down in two separate child sex abuse cases in Calhoun County this week.

According to the Anniston Star, on Wednesday – Circuit Court Judge Brian Howell sentenced 33 year old Derick Reza Foroutan of Anniston to 99 years behind bars without the chance for parole – he was convicted of first degree rape for having forcible sex with an eleven year old girl.

ECSO - Stanton

And on Thursday, Circuit Judge Debra H. Jones sentenced Valerie Stanton to two consecutive 20 year sentences in prison – meaning she will serve those sentences back-to-back; Stanton, age 39, was convicted in August of second degree rape and second degree sodomy for having had sexual contact with a 15 year old boy.

(Anniston Star/www.annistonstar.com)

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