Cedar Bluff Town Council Meets Monday

Cedar Bluff Town CouncilFollowing thorough discussion, several items were approved during Monday night’s meeting of the Cedar Bluff Town Council. The first of those items approved was to provide the necessary accommodations to make the restrooms in the Community Center handicap accessible. According to Councilman Norman Burton, this would only require the installation of hand rails in addition to proper signage.

It was decided that if would not be financially feasible to repair an old, broken-down F-350 fire truck. After voting to make no repairs, the council said it will look at the possibility of paying off the truck and at that point, declaring it surplus.

After discussing the possibility of purchasing additional property next to the Shooting Range, a motion to instead have a piece of land already owned by the town surveyed in order to build an access road, was approved.

The council voted to renew the current RDS contract, as well as the Cherokee County E-911 contract for the fiscal year October 1st through September 30th of next year.

According to Mayor Martha Baker, Liberty Day has now lost money for the second year in a row. The total discrepancy this year stands at $2,447.50. Baker among others indicated that more will have to be done in preparation for Liberty Day 2014 to insure that the town doesn’t yet again lose money on an event, which requires so much hard work by all those involved.

Also approved, was the payment for the prior removal of beavers for a total cost of $750.

Finally, the council voted to purchase all equipment critical for the ISO inspection in October for a total of $2,720.

As a reminder, the Cedar Bluff Fire Department will be conducting hydrant tests this coming weekend. Residents are urged to check the water for any discoloration before use.

The next regular meeting of the Cedar Bluff Town Council is scheduled for Monday, October 14th, at 5:30 pm.

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